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EPIX Flex Drive


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ÉPIX Flex Drive controls the ÉPIX Flex 20 with 2 plug-and-play outputs that drive up to 4 ÉPIX Flex 20 at 960 LEDs each. Adding ÉPIX Flex Boost to each output doubles the capacity of the drive to 1920 LEDs or 8 ÉPIX Flex 20, which reduces cost per linear foot. To ease installation, ÉPIX Flex Drive allows 75ft of extension cables between it and the first ÉPIX Flex 20. Use either pixel control or its simplified 17 / 34-channel control personalities to support changing colors and built-in automatic programs. The web server is supported for remote configuration and firmware updates.

  • The processing and power center of the ÉPIX Flex system drives the ÉPIX Flex 20-pixel product
  • Versatile control options include DMX, Art-Net, and sACN (streaming ACN) to support the touring/rental/installation markets
  • Quickly and easily configure the ÉPIX Flex Drive using the built-in OLED display and menu
  • Easily configure your ÉPIX Flex 20 by assigning the pixel count/output (2 total)
  • Supports up to 4 ÉPIX Flex 20 5-meter rolls, or up to 8 with the ÉPIX Flex Boost (sold separately)
  • Easily daisy chain fixtures directly from the 2 outputs of the Flex Drive
  • Advanced power management design allows you to position the Flex Drive up to 75 ft away from your first Flex 20
  • Works with Arkaos Media Master Express for a plug-n-play system that requires almost no training to operate
  • Supports RDM over Artnet and full web server interface for remote configuration and firmware updates
  • Multiple control personalities offer flexibility for detailed pixel-level control or simplified plug-and-play options using the 17/34 channel modes




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